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Engineering focussed on joining technologies

innojoin specializes in technology consulting with a focus on joining technology.

innojoin is THE competent partner for companies with demanding joining tasks. With the deepening of the range of services innojoin brings in the internal joining technology expert knowledge in the sense of the customer for its requirements and needs.

Benefit from our extensive experience from our own production and a large number of completed projects.

Tell us your task to optimize production processes or to integrate new processes into your production.

Do you have material-scientific questions or technical topics that you would like solved?

  • Discussion of task / problem with the client
  • Analysis of the existing situation at the client
  • Development of optimization approaches
  • Organizational and economic evaluation of the optimization approaches
  • Presentation of optimized production processes
  • Planning / support and documentation of the implementation of the optimization

Are you planning to produce prototypes or run a test or trial program?

  • Planning of the test article / test program with the client
  • Selection of manufacturing and testing institutions
  • Detailed time planning
  • Coordination of the production of the test articles
  • Supervision of the experiments to be carried out
  • Constant schedule control
  • Evaluation of the test results
  • Documentation and presentation of tests and test results

Do you have material-scientific questions or technical topics that you would like solved?

  • Inclusion of the problem with the client
  • Material technology / joining technical assessment
  • Preparation of the optimal material / joining technology selection
  • Recommendation and possible planning of required experiments
  • Assistance in applying for funding (if desired)

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